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To make burial arrangements or arrange for monument / headstone placement, please contact Jody Bates, City Recorder, at (801)772-4505.

Cemetery Fees

Policy on Cemetery Decoration Cleanup 

On the following days, the Highland Cemetery will be cleared of all flowers, trinkets, ornaments, lamps, shepherd-crooks, etc.: 1st Monday in March; 2nd Monday in June; 1st Monday in October; and 1st Monday in December.

1. On the above days, all flowers (real or artificial) will be thrown away and other items such as trinkets or ornaments will be taken to the Public Works Shop (4066 W 11000 N) and held for one (1) week so these items may be claimed by the owner; if items are not claimed within the week, the items will be thrown away.

2. All perishable items and dead flowers will be removed every week during the mowing times.

3. Mowing schedule:  The cemetery will be mowed every Thursday (March – November).  At this time, if any items are interfering with the mowers or items deemed to be a hazard to the cemetery employees they will be removed following the same policy as in item 1.

4. Watering Schedule:  The Highland Cemetery is watered every evening from 9:00 p.m. to 10:00 a.m.  During this time the sprinklers will run through watering cycle stations throughout the entire cemetery.

5. All floral arrangements shall be allowed for five (5) days, after which they may be removed by the city.  Glass containers shall not be allowed.  Any objects such as wires, sticks, pegs, or irons driven in to the ground shall not be allowed (City Ordinance 13.48.110, B)

6. Any items left on the graves must be on or within the borders of the marker, provided they do not interfere with the maintenance of the cemetery (City Ordinance 13.48.110, C)

It is the goal of Highland City and the City Staff to offer families and friends that visit their loved ones a clean, beautiful, and peaceful environment. Please help us maintain this goal by keeping your site clean.