PI Metering

In the 2022 legislative session, a law was passed requiring all pressurized irrigation (PI) connections to be metered by 2030. Highland City has been planning on metering PI connections for some time and has already applied for state and federal grants and received some funding from those grants to help with the costs. The remaining costs will come from the PI Fund. Meters are already being installed in new developments and the City will shortly begin the process of installing meters in existing homes. 300 meters have been ordered for the first set of installations in the Twin Bridges, Viewpoint, and Hidden Oaks areas. The City hopes meters will be delivered fall of 2022 and afterwards installation will occur. Additional communication with the impacted neighborhoods will occur prior to installation. Metering the entire City is expected to take 3-4 years depending on the supply of meters and ability to hire contractors to install. 

In preparation for the meter installation project, starting summer of 2022, residents will soon see City employees throughout neighborhoods documenting the status of the PI box on properties. Employees will be in a City marked vehicle and be wearing clothing with the City logo. They will use an iPad to take pictures of the PI box and go through a documentation checklist. Almost all boxes are in front yards near the street. In the rare occurrence a box is in the rear yard, an employee will contact the homeowner and receive permission to enter their backyard. 

PI meters are expected to ultimately save water as residents will be more aware of how much water they are using and cut back as appropriate. Meters will be read by radio towers which will be able to provide near instant information on water use. The structure of rates is still being discussed and will ultimately be finalized by City Council when meters are installed throughout the City.