Highland Ward History by Beth Roundy Day Hyde 1954


By Beth Roundy Day Hyde, 1954

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Highland became an organized ward in 1915.  Bro. George Zabriskie became Highland’s first Bishop.  He lived up where Virgil Rieske lives now - the home and farm is now owned by Ukus (Yukus) Inouye.  Bishop Booth lived in the creek where Wayne & Shirley Roseman now live.  Then Bro. William S Greenwood followed bro. Booth.   He was forman (foreman) at the Utah Power & Light in American Fork Canyon.  Bishop Greenwood was Bishop until he was transferred-when his councilor (counselor) Bro. Harry Jerling became Bishop-he held this position for approx. 15 years – then because of poor health – resigned and his councilor (counselor) Bro. LeGrand Adamson took his place.  He served about 8 years.  When he resigned and Bro Merlin Larsen (Larson) become our present Bishop.

Highland has an interesting history.

People from Lehi decided to dig a ditch across the Bench in 1851.  It was built after a great deal of hard work in 1851 & 52.  It was originally 3 ft wide and it took one day to dig one rod of ditch.  In or about 1874 a man by the name of Poole built his home here.  He bought 160 acres of ground & his home was the Strasburg home that Dave tore down after his Mother’s death.  In about two years there were 30 homes here.  These people needed water badly for their crops.  The Lehi people patrolled their ditch across the Bench with guns.  They came up the ditch to Poole’s place – but he patrolled his own & did not allow Lehi men on his property, so they’d have to go around his 160 acres then Patrol the east part of the ditch.  

There was a family of Wynns’ (Winn) lived where Clyde Adamson used to live.  These Patrols’ caught them damming off the water to water wheat – they tore out the dam but Mrs. Wynn got in the ditch & spread her skirts & held the water until her small son had the wheat wet.  When the men attempted to pull her out, she showed them a rather wicked looking Butcher knife - and so thru lawsuits, at least were held in the courts – before Highland people could claim any of the water.  At first Lehi decided if the Bench people would widen the ditch, they could have water, this they did – but a dry year came along & Lehi wanted all the water – so to court they had to go.  This contest in court was won for Highland by a Young Lawyer named George Sutherland from Provo.  He was just starting out in his practice of law (he was about 40 years old).  He is the only man from Utah to ever be named to the supreme court.  (It was his son who was the Supreme Court Justice).  We now have ¾ of the Lehi water until July 1st & approx ¼ after July 1st.  thanks to him.

The school District built a one room schoolhouse here in 1889 (1888) – that is the west end of this room we are now in.   (After the bus started taking the children to town to school – the ward bought the bldg for a church.)  About 1890 the branch was organized.  It was organized for about 16 years then broken up for a time.

A Sunday School was organized a while after the branch was disorganized (1907).  O.C. Day, John Greenland & Aunt Mary lee Myers were instrumental in organizing this.   O.C. Day was the school Teacher.   He got the School District to buy an organ.  There was no one who could play it – so in order to sing at all – he learned to play with one finger.

A little later Joe Duffin’s daughter (about 12) learned to play a little – then Josephine Strasburg mastered it well an an early age- after that they had plenty of organists.

And so on down to our present day.  We have about 60 families in the Highland Ward.   It is as fine a Ward as almost any in the Church.  We now have a lovely Church House, built around the original school House – all ready to be dedicated Sunday.  This Ward has seen hardships and prosperity – and we believe it can truthfully be said of it – that it is just as faithful in its’ Worship in prosperity as in times of hardship. 

It has taught the Gospel thru its’ auxiliaries to many fine men and women – and will continue to do so for as long as Wards are needed here on earth.

Source: HIGHLAND HISTORY: A compilation by Charles T Greenland II for the Highland Historical Society


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