Alcohol Law Information

January 2024 Update

On January 16, 2024, the City Council amended city code to allow restaurants in the general city center area including by Macey’s, Meiers, and CVS, to sell alcohol under the following restrictions:

  • 4 total licenses city-wide, and no more than 2 licenses issued per zone
  • Only full service (beer, wine, and spirits) and limited service (beer and wine) licenses are allowed.
  • No alcohol sales after 10:00 pm
  • No alcohol can be removed from the premises
  • No manufacturing, distilling, or brewing of alcohol
  • All other State restrictions and other restrictions will apply

The sale of any alcohol for off-premise consumption is still prohibited such as gas stations or grocery stores. On January 23, a group of residents filed a referendum application on the law change. The City will now begin processing the referendum which may ultimately lead to individuals collecting signatures to refer the law change to an election ballot.

To see information on the two referendums, please click on the links below:

Referendum O-2024-01 Development Code Related to Alcohol Sales

Referendum O-2024-02 Municipal Code Related to Regulation of Alcohol Sales

Sponsors will be collecting signatures for these two referendums until April 5th. 

Removing Your Name From a Petition
If you have signed a referendum petition and wish to have your name removed, you must submit a statement to the Utah County Clerk requesting that your signature be removed.  The statement shall include the following:
Name of the voter
Resident address at which the voter is registered to vote
Voter's signature
Date the voter signed the petition

To increase the likelihood of the voter's signature being identified and removed, the statement may include the voter's birth date or age.

The statement must be received by the County Clerk no later than the following deadline: 
30 days after the day on which the voter signs the statement requesting removal; or 45 days after the day on which the County Clerk posts the voter's name under subsection UCA 20A-7-607(2)(a).