Applications & Fees


Subdivision Applications:  

Planning Fee Summary (PDF) – Summary of fees charged for services

All Other Applications:

  • Accessory Dwelling Unit Registration (Existing ADU’s) - Registration for existing accessory dwelling units. Existing accessory dwelling units must have a certificate of occupancy from the building department with an approved building permit. 
  • Accessory Dwelling Unit (New ADU) - Application for a new accessory dwelling unit that has not yet received a building permit. Any applicable building permits will be needed in addition to this application. 
  • Annexation (PDF) - Application to annex land into Highland City
  • Conditional Use Permit (PDF) - Review of a conditional use permit
  • Development Code Amendment (PDF) - A request to amend the Development Code
  • Fence (PDF)– Review of the location and design of fencing in single family subdivisions
  • Lot or Parcel Combination (PDF) - The joining of two or more adjacent lots and/or parcels under common ownership in a way that reduces the number lots and/or parcels
  • Parcel Boundary Adjustment (PDF) - The adjustment of parcel boundaries, including eliminating a common property line between two or more abutting parcels. If the property is in a recorded subdivision, a plat amendment is required.
  • Plat Amendment (PDF) - any change or alteration to a recorded plat. The change may be a relocation of a property line within the plat (lot line adjustment), a change in notations or lot numbers on the plat, a change or removal of a condition, note, or other restriction described on the plat, a change of the title or name of the plat, or any other change that affects the rights of one or more lot owners. A combination of lots does not require a subdivision plat amendment. Plat amendments require the approval of each affected property owner and the City Council.
  • Retaining Wall (PDF) – Review of the location and design of a retaining wall
  • Rezoning (PDF) – A request to change the zoning on a piece of property
  • Sign (PDF)– Review of freestanding, wall, or monument signs
    • Temporary Sign (PDF) - Review of temporary Grand Opening, promotional, political, or garage sale signs
  • Site Plan (PDF) – Review of a site plan for non-residential, townhome, and multifamily developments
  • Temporary Use Permit (PDF) - Temporary use of a property for businesses
  • Variance (PDF)- To qualify for a variance, the Utah State Code requires that the applicant fulfill 5 requirements:
    1. Literal enforcement of the land use ordinance would cause an unreasonable hardship for the applicant that is not necessary to carry out the general purpose of the ordinance.
    2. There are special circumstances attached to the property that do not generally apply to other properties in the same district.
    3. Granting the variance is essential to the enjoyment of a substantial property right possessed by other property in the same zone.

    4. The variance will not substantially affect the general plan and will not be contrary to the public interest.

    5. The spirit of the zoning ordinance is observed and substantial justice is done.

Turning In The Application:

Once you complete the application you can submit the documents to Kellie Smith. For additional questions, you can call the planning department at 801-772-4506 or by email to  Kellie Smith