Court Appearance

Most criminal code violations require an appearance before a judge. The state law mandates that a defendant must contact the court between 5 and 14 days after the citation is issued to schedule a court date. If your charge requires a mandatory appearance before the judge, you may want to consider doing the following prior to coming to court.

  • For a no insurance or no proof of insurance citation, please bring a letter from your insurance company showing proof of insurance on the date of the citation.
  • For a revoked or suspended driver license, please bring a certified documentation from Driver License Division stating that your license was not revoked or suspended on the date of the citation.
  • For a fail to register citation, bring a copy of the current vehicle registration.

Court is in session on Thursdays at 9:00 am with the exception of the 5th Thursdays and legal holidays.

Defendant Rights 

This video is an overview of the rights Defendants have in criminal cases.

Defendant Rights Utah State Courts

Court Gavel