Traffic School

Traffic School Online

Traffic school is an excellent option for those wishing to keep a moving violation off their record. Attendees receive driving instruction and knowledge of why they shouldn't break traffic laws.

The State of Utah requires that you pay a plea-in-abeyance fee (set to the ticket fine amount), and the fee to attend traffic school is $65. Please contact us at 801-772-4525 if you plan on taking traffic school to determine eligibility. Traffic school lasts approximately 3 hours. You may log in and out as many times as necessary to complete traffic school.

If you are not required to see a judge or a hearing officer, your online payment will be accepted as a bail forfeiture which is legally considered the same as a guilty plea and by law will be reported to the Utah Driver License Division.

Upon completing traffic school your citation is sent to Drivers License Division as a plea-in-abeyance, no points are assigned to your driving record and if you do not receive a new moving violation within the 6 months after attending traffic school, the citation is dismissed.

You must complete traffic school within 30 days from applying to take the class. You must pay the citation on or before the date noted on your citation. The court must receive the signed Plea in Abeyance agreement and completion certificate within 30 days of approval. If you fail to do this your citation will be send to the Driver License Division as a conviction. You may fax a high quality copy of the Traffic School completion certificate and Plea in Abeyance Agreement to the Court at (801) 763-1850.

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If you do not have access to the Internet, the Highland City Library has computers available for public use.