2023 Highland Fling Vendors

The Vendor Fair will be on Saturday, August 5, 2023 at Heritage Park (10400 N Alpine Highway, Highland, UT 84003), 9 am- 9pm. Food vendors will be needed that day, as well as at other events during the week.  Applications open June 1, 2023.  All events are subject to change in accordance with current health regulations.


2023 Highland Fling Vendor Information

                                          OUR SLICE OF PARADISE

Vendor Date: August 5, 2023 at Heritage Park, Highland, Utah


Vendor Hours: 9:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. (dark)


Food Vendors

Booth Size:  12 feet wide x 24 feet deep

Booth Fees:                                                                         

Resident:  $100.00 (per booth space)

                                Non-Resident:  $150.00 (per booth space)

                                Electricity: $50.00 per 5 amp outlet

Non- Food Vendors

Booth Size:  10 feet wide x 10 feet deep

Booth Fees:                                                                         

Resident:  $50.00 (per booth space)

                                Non-Resident:  $100.00 (per booth space)

Non-Profit: $25.00 (per booth space)

                                Electricity: $25.00 per 5 amp outlet


Application Deadlines

                Food Vendor Applications are due July 1, 2023, by 6pm either in person at City Hall or through the online application system on the website.  Vendors will be notified by July 5th of the status of their application.  

                Non-Food Vendors Applications are due , July 1, 2023 by 6pm either in person at City Hall or through the online application system on the website for priority.  Vendors will be notified by July 1, of the status of their application.   Applications will continue to be accepted until midnight on July 1, 2023, and will be accepted on a conditional basis.  


Vendor Permits

                Highland City:  Your approved Vendor Application serves as a Temporary Sales License for Highland City.

                Utah State Tax Commission:  The Utah State Tax Commission requires a Temporary Sales Tax License for Special Events.  This form will be provided to you at vendor check-in.  Any vendor not compliant with the Tax Commission will be required to close their booth and leave the premises. Refunds will not be issued. If you have any questions please call the Utah State Tax Commission, Special Event Unit at (801) 297-6303 or (800) 662-4335 ext. 6303.

                Utah County Health Department (Food Vendors only):  The Utah County Health Department requires special permits for food vendors.  Any vendor not compliant with the Health Department will be required to close their booth and leave the premises. Refunds will not be issued. Please provide a copy of all your permits to the Highland Fling one week before the event. If you have any questions, please call the Utah County Health Department at (801) 851-7000.


Vendor Information

                2023 Theme:  Anything you can do to help us celebrate and/or develop our theme is much appreciated.  The theme is: Our Slice of Paradise.



Vendor Information Cont.


                Sponsorship/In-Kind Donations: All vendors are requested, but not required, to be a sponsor of the Fling by providing in-kind or monetary donations.   Please contact with your in-kind donations or for the sponsorship info. These are used as prizes and giveaways throughout Fling.

Booth Requirements: Vendors are assigned a numbered grass space.  Each vendor is responsible to provide all necessary equipment such as canopy, tables, chairs, heavy duty extension cord (50 feet or longer), if needed. Please be sure all items are securely staked down as high winds are common in the area.

Parking & Set Up:  Booths need to be set up and ready to open by 9:00 a.m. Please park in the gravel lot located directly behind the Highland City Community Center’s (former City Hall) paved parking lot. Please do not park in the paved parking lot of the Community Center as it will be reserved for attendees.  Do NOT drive onto the grass to unload your booth.  Please unload along the street between the barricades that say “Vendor Unload Zone Only”.  Once you are unloaded please quickly move your vehicle to the parking area.   The street needs to be cleared, with vehicles moved, by 8:30AM.  The Police will begin to tow vehicles in preparation for the parade. Thank you for your cooperation in this to make the process go smoothly for everyone!  Vendors with trailers will be permitted to load them in place the night before. No security will be provided during the night, so do that at your own risk.  All Trailers MUST be moved after the event on August 5th or we may tow your trailer.  The lawn must be watered that night and all trailers must be gone during watering.      

Electricity:  Vendors wishing to connect to electricity need to bring a heavy duty extension cord (50 feet or longer). Vendors are encouraged to bring their own GFCI protected cords to plug into in order to protect their equipment. Only available if you have paid the Electricity fee.

                Waste:  Vendors should use the garbage and/or recycle dumpsters provided in the parking lot by the restrooms to discard boxes and excessive trash. Please do not use garbage totes or stack your garbage by the totes.

                Merchandise:  To provide the best possible vending experience, we may limit the sale of any item to one vendor on a selection basis.   All sales must take place from your assigned booth space and no roving sales are allowed unless arrangements have been made in advance. Swords, Knives, Firearms, Airsoft Guns, or any other items that may be considered dangerous will not be allowed at the Highland Fling.

                Highland Fling Bucks (Food Vendors only): Highland City provides Highland Fling Bucks (Monopoly type money) to volunteers, staff, and emergency personnel to purchase meals from our food vendors. The Highland Fling Bucks will be treated as cash and will resemble a dollar bill with the Highland Fling logo. A sample Highland Fling Buck will be provided to each vendor the morning of the Highland Fling. We ask that all food vendors honor the Highland Fling Bucks. To be reimbursed you will need to submit your Highland Fling Bucks to the Highland City Offices by August 31st or to the Highland Fling Staff Representative at the end of the event to be reimbursed.  Reimbursement checks are processed within 30 days.

                Insurance: Highland City provides liability insurance for the Highland Fling, this insurance does not cover individuals within your booth in the event of injury, death, theft, fire, etc. that may be caused as a result of your negligence.  It is recommended that you obtain your own insurance to cover your booth and your merchandise.

                Refunds:  The event is not dependent on the weather. The event will go on regardless, and fees will not be refunded in the event of rain or inclement weather. Be sure you have staked your canopy down securely, as gusty winds are common in the area.

                Booth Location:  Booth numbers and locations will be posted on-line approximately one week before the event.  


Please direct questions to the event team at: or 801.772.4507

Special requests for booth locations will not be accommodated unless you meet ADA requirements.

Contact: if you have any additional questions or need special accommodations, please contact Robin Wise at 801-772-4507 or email