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Poetry Month!

April is National Poetry Month so the Library is having a Poetry Competition.  The best thing about it is that the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winner in each age group will get an Amazon Gift Card!  Learn more at the Poetry Competition page.

Okay so maybe you love poetry! That’s great!

Or, maybe you hate it when your teacher says that your class is going to study poetry. 

The fact is, people have mixed feelings about poetry. That’s okay. Poetry can be hard to write and hard to understand. Here is a tip - read poetry out loud or listen to someone else read it. Poetry is made beautiful in the rhythm it produces and you can’t hear that rhythm if you read silently to yourself.

If you haven’t yet, you will at some point read Edgar Allen Poe’s poem "The Raven." This is a spooky poem about a guy who sits all alone (or is he alone?) in his house a dark and stormy night (cliche right?). He is longing for his lost love named Lenore (she must have been gorgeous). Then he hears a sound at his door, but when he opens it - no one is there. Then he hears something at his window and opens is to find a raven. When he asks the Raven its name all it says is "Nevermore." He asks the Raven other questions, including about when the narrator will see his beloved Lenore again, but all the Raven says is "Nevermore." Creepy!

To listen to James Earl Jones (voice of Mufasa in Disney’s "The Lion King" and Darth Vader in "Star Wars"!) read "The Raven" click here.

You will probably learn about some other poets in school. Here are some fun videos by Crash Course to help you understand just a few of them.

Emily Dickinson

Sylvia Plath

William Shakespeare

Langston Hughes

Figuring out how to write poetry is hard. Lots of poets write about things that mean something to them. These can be anything. Your favorite food. Your pet dog. Something sad that happened. Something that makes you scared. Something that makes you excited. Something that you love. You can write about your thoughts, feelings, or ideas about anything.  

Here are some fun ideas to get you started:

  • Burritos
  • PB&J
  • Rainbows
  • Pets
  • Grilled Cheese
  • Taxes
  • Friends
  • Earth Day
  • Stress
  • Laundry

Give it try!

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NEW! Teen Cloud

Need something to read, but are on a huge wait list for Overdrive?  Worried about keeping up with AP Lit or Science classes?  Check out our new Teen Cloud by Tumble Book Library.  The books are always available and can be viewed with a normal web browser.  You will be surprised how many great titles they have.

All Group Library Programs Suspended

In compliance with Governor Herbert’s recommendation and over concern for the health and safety of the people of Highland, the Library has canceled all group Library programs until further notice. The Library will remain closed indefinitely but will provide online resources and some virtual programming.  To learn more go to our COVID-19 information page.

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Teen Corner

Have you checked out our new Teen Corner?  It is near the teen book section and graphic novel section.  We have a TV and bean bag chairs.  You can ask at the desk for Wii games, retro Atari games, or a DVD player* to set up on the TV.

*patrons can only play the Library's PG or G rated movies on the DVD player.