Home Occupation Requirements

Home Occupation Business License Application Procedure

  1. Register your business with the Utah Department of Commerce - Division of Corporations & Commercial Code.  Visit One Stop Business Registration to complete this registration.
  2. Complete the Highland City Home Occupation Business License application.  Copies can be picked up at City Hall or you may download the application (PDF).
  3. Application Process:
    1. Fill out all forms.
    2. If individuals come to the home business, it is required that a notification letter be sent to all surrounding property owners within a 300’ radius of your home’s property lines. To generate a list of those surrounding property owners, click here for instructions: Home Business Notification Procedure (PDF).
    3. If your home occupation is a preschool, daycare or dance studio, a fire inspection is required. Please contact Lone Peak Fire Department at (801) 763-5365 to schedule your inspection.
  4. Submit the completed application, notification procedure, and fire inspection, if required, at the Highland City offices. Include any necessary fees with your application.
  5. If your Home Occupation Business License is approved through the application review process, the Business License Official will  mail your business license within 1 to 2 weeks. We will contact you with any questions regarding your approval. If you choose to pick up your license in person, please make us aware when dropping off your application.
  6. Licenses are valid July 1st through June 30th of each year. Renewal letters are mailed prior to the expiration of licenses.