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Highland Historical Society Established A city as unique as Highland deserves to have its story recorded. That was the thought behind former City Councilmember Jessie Schoenfeld's desire for the city to have its own historical society. "I know what good comes from historical societies in cities" Jessie stated. In June 2015, the idea to form the society became reality.

Charlie Greenland was elected president at the society's first meeting. Greenland shares Schoenfeld's vision. "Ordinarily, cities in Utah were settled when Brigham Yong sent groups out across the state, but Highland was not built that way. It was brought together by the people who wanted to live here," he said. "The culture and ideas that brought Highland together are quite unique."

The initial mission statement of the society is, "To preserve and [share] the past of Highland City for a better present and future." As their first project, Greenland, Schoenfeld and other historical society members are working to put together a comprehensive written history of the city. In addition to the written history, the historical society has a small museum in the Highland Community Center, 5378 West 10400 North. The museum displays a collection of historical artifacts, for example, household items and small tools.

The historical society meets quarterly on the third Thursday of January, April, July and October at the museum, at 7:00 p.m. The meetings are always open to the public. If you have items you'd like to donate or lend to be displayed at the museum, give Greenland a call at 801-913-5200.

Certified Museum

The Highland Historical Society Museum is certified by the Utah Division of Arts and Museums as a Certified Utah Museum (PDF).

Monthly Newsletter Articles

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Highland's Second Bishop - April 2017 (PDF)
Highland's Third Bishop - May 2017 (PDF)
Highland's Fourth Bishop - June 2017 (PDF)
Highland's Fifth Bishop - July 2017 (PDF)
Highland's Famous Feature - August 2017 (PDF)
Early Highland Latter Day-saint Church Leadership - September 2017 (PDF)
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Early Highland Leadership - January 2018 (PDF)
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Peas & Peaviners in Highland - March 2019 (PDF)
Reed Shelley Thompson - April 2019 (PDF)
Johannes (John) Friedrich and Catharina (Catrina, Catherine) Maria Laetari Jonsson (Joensson): - May 2019 (PDF)


Highland Historical Society Home Page
Highland Historical Society Mission Statement
Highland History Chapters (compiled by: Charles T Greenland II):

  1. Highland History
  2. The 1st Highland LDS Ward
  3. Water
  4. Mining
  5. The Highland School
  6. Electricity Comes to Highland
  7. Peas and Peaviners in Highland
  8. Famous Feature
  9. The People

Highland Family Histories
1958 Highland Aerial Map
1958 Highland Homes and Families (table with addresses)
Homesteaders' Map
Highland Censuses (and LDS Ward Membership List)