It takes a huge team of volunteers to make the Fling happen year after year! We have an amazing group of Chairpersons that we would like to thank specifically. Each Chairperson has a committee of volunteers who are too numerous to list. We thank each and every volunteer for their willingness to give of their time and talents for this amazing week-long event!

  • Audrey Moore & Doug Cortney – Parade Co-chairs
  • Brandon Balkman – Disc Golf Tournament
  • Cary Wise – Backyard Garden Tours
  • Keri Stroemer- Medallion Hunt 
  • Charles Greenland – Highland Historical Society & Museum
  • Donna Kitchen – DUP Historical Cabin
  • Highland Youth Council –  Youth Night
  • MaryJean Ridges- Service Project Coordinator
  • Roy Buehler & Arnold Pope –  Horseshoe Tournament
  • Shauna Larson- Art Show
  • Stephanie Thiel – Baby Celebration
  • Tammy Parker- Play Day Rodeo
  • Tyler Anderson & Steve Hardman – Strongman Competition, Highland Games & Utah State Hammer Championship

Thank you to our 2022 volunteer committee for making these events possible!

To join our amazing team and volunteer for the 2022 Highland Fling please email the events team or call 801-772-4507.