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The 1910 census showed the following 171 residents of Highland. They were all listed alphabetically so some families are not appropriately identified together.

David H Adamson37Johanis Pehrson15
Jessie D Adamson32Anna Pehrson13
Nida Adamson10Rix Pehrson9
Alta Adamson9Carna Pehrson8
Arnold Adamson6Sven Pehrson7
Martell Adamson2Pehr Pehrson5
Peter L Adamson33Wilhelm Pehrson4
Blanche Adamson29Anders Pehrson2
Leland Adamson9Alfred H Powell59
Jenna Vee Adamson6Sarah A Powell48
Erma Adamson4Alfred Powell17
Thelma Adamson1Harold Powell15
Jacob Beck61Francis Powell13
Elizabeth Beck51Isabelle Powell11
Miriam (Minnie) Beck30Harriot Powell6
James Vern Beck23William H Sellers29
Stephen Fairmorze Beck21Alice Sellers31
Winifred Beck18Donovan Sellers5
Floyd Beck16Madonna Sellers0
Reed Beck14Ellen Smith53
Golda Beck6Joseph Smith22
Robert E Booth52Hyrum Smith18
Lovenia J Booth44Louis H Strasburg50
Relva E Booth19Fredericka Strasburg40
Wayne C Booth18Henry L Strasburg19
Irwin R Booth16Catherine Strasburg17
Ida Booth13Evar Strasburg13
Manda Booth8Josephine Strasburg11
Irma Booth5Marvin Strasburg8
William Bullock25Dora Strasburg6
Mary Bullock29David Strasburg2
Lily Bullock0John Titcomb44
John Coggins22Mary J Titcomb36
Norene Coggins21Fern Titcomb15
Merlin Coggins2Florence Titcomb12
Orville C Day24May Titcomb10
Otes C Day15Willie Titcomb8
Brigham F Duffin50Luceile Titcomb5
Joseph A Duffin46Francis Titcomb2
Richard H Duffin44Lewis J Vance52
Mary E Duffin34Francis Vance37
Mary Duffin33Lewis Vance17
Brigham F Duffin27Francis Vance13
Jesse Duffin24Harmon Vance11
Saundra Duffin22Kimbal Vance7
Howard Duffin19Angus Vance5
Guy Duffin15Zina Vance2
Myrtle Duffin15William Walker54
Lloyd H Duffin14Ellen Walker52
Lynn Duffin13Viola Walker22
Inez Duffin12Margaret Walker20
Elva M Duffin11Mary Walker18
Rholand Duffin9Priscilla Walker15
Lazell Duffin8Zelma Walker11
Albert Duffin6William Warren67
Artie Duffin5Elizabeth Warren65
Delta Duffin5Margaret Warren42
Eugene Duffin3Robert Warren38
Harold Duffin0William Warren36
Cyrus Jensen34Alfred Warren31
Alice Jensen21Thomas Warren27
Edith Jensen2Mabel Warren9
Anna Jensen0William J Warren7
 Emil Jerling40David Wells66
Marie Jerling40Susan Wells66
Harry Jerling10Gertie Wells18
William Loveridge55Boise Wells33
Martha Loveridge51Emma Wells33
Edward Loveridge29Elma Wells4
Hazel Loveridge14Katie Wells1
Rachel Loveridge12Boise Wells0
Cressie Loveridge9Mary A Weston75
Lapreal Marsh14John B Whiting57
George Myers58Sarah Whiting50
Mary L Myers36James Whiting32
George Myers25Ray Whiting24
Victor Myers18Sadie Whiting24
Gilbert Myers14George Whiting19
Elva Myers11Wilford Whiting16
Dee Myers4Elsie Whiting14
Bennie Myers3Noel Whiting12
Charles Parker14Freddie Whiting10
John Parker10Annie Whiting8
Neils A Pehrson44LeRoy Whiting6
Catherine Pehrson43Louise Whiting2
Johanna Pehrson18

Ed. Note: I discovered that the 1910 census was not complete, as those families living west of Mitchell Hollow were missed.  Below is a list of those who were probably living there at the time.  Hobbs lived in #2 (on the 1958 Highland map), Greenland in #3, Bringhurst in #5, Harmon in #12.  Someone likely lived in #10 and #13, but I can't identify who they were. These additions would boost the 1910 census population to more than 200.


William Hobbs45
Elizabeth Hobbs 48
Clara Hobbs 14
Flora Hobbs11
Wilford Hobbs 9
Charles T Greenland 46
Rachel P Greenland46
William J Greenland 23
Charles Nephi Greenland 21
Clarence Greenland13
Rachel Greenland10
Gertrude Greenland8
Mary L Greenland5
Henry E Greenland0
Wm Augustus Bringhurst Jr.47
Martha Ann Bringhurst44
Wm Walter Bringhurst24
Archie Wm Bringhurst22
Benjamin Bringhurst19
Selinda Bringhurst17
Laura Bringhurst14
Louis Bringhurst 11
Gilbert Bringhurst7
Ethel Bringhurst5
Josephine Bringhurst3
Hyrum Harmon48
Laurence Harmon18

Source: HIGHLAND HISTORY: A compilation by Charles T Greenland II for the Highland Historical Society

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