John Edward & Chloe Urinda Child Hoopes Barkdull

The Barkdulls lived in the Mower home (Number 44 on the 1958 Highland map) for about seven years. The Church records show they moved to Highland in 1928, and we know they rented from William Mower. John was born December 8, 1876, in Meadow, Utah Territory to Samuel and Mary Ann Littlewood Barkdull. Chloe (Rinda) was born October 5, 1882, in Plain City, Utah Territory to Orville Rennsalear and Sarah Urinda Rawson Child. Chloe married Francis Marion Hoopes February 4, 1904, and they had eight children: Cleo Pearl, Francis Lathare, LeRoy Child, Lynn, Marion Elwood, Farrell Wilton, Grace and Cora. In 1917 they were living in Crow Creek, Idaho. On October 13, 1918, when the youngest was three years old, Francis died of influenza in Wyoming.

Chloe married John Barkdull March 21, 1921, and they had three children: Larene, Larue and Edward. Only Grace and Cora, the two youngest of Chloe's first family came with her to Highland and Cora is listed as a Sunday School teacher in 1933-34. Cora married Owen Ferris Colton July 8, 1936. Chloe died November 16, 1935, in Springville, Utah.

George and Josephine Duncan and family (q.v.), daughter and son-in-law to Mower's, moved into the home in March, 1935, and shared with Barkdulls until they moved out in June. 

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Source: HIGHLAND HISTORY: A compilation by Charles T Greenland II for the Highland Historical Society

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