James & Janet Adamson Brown

James was born May 20, 1860, in Bathgate, West Lothian, Scotland to James and Agnes Marshall Brown. He came to the U.S. from Liverpool on April 19, 1879, on the ship "Wyoming", arriving in New York on April 30. Janet was born August 9, 1862, in Moroni, Utah Territory to Alexander and Mary Hutchison Adamson (q.v.).

They were married in 1880 and they were living in Highland (Number 32 on the 1958 Highland map) at the 1900 census but had moved to American Fork before 1910. They had three children by 1900: Mary, Agnes and James. He was counselor, along with William Loveridge, to Presiding Elder James Copeland Orr in 1900. Janet died May 12, 1937, in Burley, Idaho. James died June 5, 1950, in Provo and they are buried in the American Fork Cemetery. 

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James Whitmore & Sarah Jane Boddison Brown

Brown, W James 2nd missionary_small.jpgThis is the second James Brown who seems to have lived in Highland. It is mentioned that he was the second missionary sent from Highland - after James Bolin. James was born March 4, 1874, in Alpine, Utah Territory to William Thomas and Theadocia Preston Brown. He was baptized July 20, 1884, by Henry Moyle. He served a mission to the Central States November 24, 1908 - June 9, 1911. Sarah was born March 22, 1874, in Staffordshire, England, and came to America in 1881. They were married in 1918 in Salt Lake City and they had seven children: Theadocia, Irene, Genevieve, Edith, Florence, James, and Fern. James died January 26, 1931, and Sarah died December 16, 1963. They are buried in the American Fork City Cemetery. [Find a Grave Memorial] [Names in Stone Memorial]

William Thomas & Theodocia Preston Brown

William was the adopted son of John and Ann Pinfold Whiting (q.v.) and was one of the first homesteaders of Highland. His adopted father filed the homestead in William's name on September 14, 1876, and it was granted on December 20, 1881. His affidavit shows he lived on the homestead beginning December 23, 1876, in an adobe house measuring 14 x 28 (Number 44 on the 1958 Highland map), with his wife and three children.

William T Brown_homesteader_small.jpg

William Brown's Citizenship Certificate

William Brown’s Homestead Paper

William Brown's Homestead Paper

William was born May 1, 1843, in Birmingham, England, to Henry and Marie Wright Brown. His parents and three siblings died in a cholera epidemic so he and another sibling were adopted. He married three different women but was not a polygamist. His first wife was Theodocia Preston, born May 5, 1852, to James Whitmore and Emeline Houston Preston. They had four children: William Henry, James Whitmore (q.v.), Minnie Maria, and Isaac Houston. Isaac was born and died in 1883 and Theodocia died that same year at age 31.

Young Theodocia Brown

Theodocia Brown

William married Mary Alice Healey and they had a son, Richard Healey Brown, who was born and died in 1886 and his mother died the same year at age 30. William them married Martha Eldridge Jackson in 1886 and they had no children.   She was born May 20, 1861 in American Fork to John Sunderlin and Sinah Ceneth Chipman Eldridge.  She died November 27, 1949 and is buried in Provo City Cemetery. Older Theodocia Brown

Martha Eldridge Jackson

William died in Alpine, Utah, January 26, 1928, and Martha died in 1949. All four are buried in the Alpine City Cemetery.

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Source: HIGHLAND HISTORY: A compilation by Charles T Greenland II for the Highland Historical Society

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