Charles Lorenzo & Laverne Fox Crane

Charles was born July 2, 1900, in Montpelier, Idaho, to Charles Edward and Hannah Roseanna Butterfield Crane. His mother died when he was eleven and his father died when he was thirteen. LaVerne was born April 12, 1902. The 1910 census showed Charles living in Bingham Canyon. They were married August 17, 1920. The Church records show them moving to Highland (Number 7 on the 1958 Highland map - 7000 W 10450 N) in 1932 but how long they stayed is unknown. They eventually had nine children, seven sons: Earl (born in Lehi March 17, 1922 - died January 5, 2012, in South Jordan), Tom, Irving, Warlough, Leo, Claude (born August 20, 1937 in Alpine-died April 12, 2004, in South Jordan) and Ray (Kenneth) and two daughters: Lucille and Melia. The 1930 census showed them living in Riverton and the 1940 census showed them living in Salt Lake City.

Earl was born March 17, 1922, and was acquainted with Ward members Lurene Larson, Helen Greenland, Jens Jonsson, Betty Hall, Dora Day, Afton Adamson and Larine Barkdull.

Charles died April 13, 1964, in Bluffdale and LaVerne died March 23, 1978. They are buried in the Bluffdale City Cemetery. Their son Earl died January 5, 2012. [Find a Grave]

Source: HIGHLAND HISTORY: A compilation by Charles T Greenland II for the Highland Historical Society

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