Arnold & Jennive Clark Dransfield

Although they didn't officially live in Highland, they owned property of one of the early homesteaders - Harry Savil, on the far west side of his homestead. Arnold was born in England on October 8, 1892, to Thomas and Mary Hannah Haslam Dransfield. He married Jennive Clark on December 5, 1919. Jennive was born to James B. and Armmita Peterson Clark on August 23, 1896, in Lehi. She lived part of her life in the original Sego Lily School (still standing, 2018) at 723 East 900 North in Lehi beginning in 1929 when her father bought the property from the school board for $410.

On May 16, 1952, Arnold received title to 46 acres (#8 on the 1958 Highland map  -10210 N. 7200 W.) that had belonged to Andrew Jackson Stewart (q.v.), who had died in 1919 without a will. The taxes were not paid on his property for many years so Arnold paid them and was awarded title. Forty acres were in the Savil homestead and six acres were next to it on the west in section four. This is the same property that Reimschussels (q.v.) had previously lived on.

Arnold died October 24, 1978, in Lehi and Jennive died September 11, 1981, in American Fork. They are buried in the Lehi City Cemetery.

Source: HIGHLAND HISTORY: A compilation by Charles T Greenland II for the Highland Historical Society

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