100 Jorgensen, Darrell

Lived in the Paul and Anna Frederickson home (Number 100 on the 1958 Highland map - 9945 N Alpine Hwy)

Lemual Dreston (or Drezden) & Mathilda Madalene Pehrson Francis

Lem was borLem Dreston and Matilda Pehrson Francisn May 9, 1874, in American Fork, Utah to William J. and Kathryn (or Catherine) Shumvo (or Lageard). Mathilda was born October 6, 1878, in Skering, Aarhus, Denmark, to Anders and Hannah Swenson Pherson (q.v.). They were married April 23, 1897, in American Fork (Highland), Utah and made their home there until 1912 (probably with Phersons - Number 100 on the 1958 Highland map), when they moved to Brigham City. They had 7 children: Lilly Rosella, Catherine Elsie, Anne Mathilda, Ida May, Elsie June, Lena and Edward Burton.

In 1906 Lem assisted his father-in-law, Anders and his brother-in-law, Niels Pehrson in getting their citizenship papers and was a witness for them.

They were living in Salt Lake City at the 1910 census-next door to their brother-in-law Paul Frederickson (q.v.).

Lem was injured in a car wreck in June, 1936 in Brigham City. He died October 19, 1945, two years after Mathilda who died October 23, 1943. They are buried in Brigham City Cemetery.

Lem and Matilda Francis

Lem and Mathilda Francis

Lem Francis and Brother

Source: HIGHLAND HISTORY: A compilation by Charles T Greenland II for the Highland Historical Society

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