Leonard John & Darcus Geneveave Davis Hyde

Leonard was born March 20, 1904, in Salt Lake City to William Thomas Jr. and Emily Jessie Dear Hyde. Darcus was born March 4, 1917, in Baker, Oregon to John Alonzo and Laura Thelma Morfitt Davis.

Leonard Hyde

Leonard's family moved to Idaho and then to Highland (Number 32 on the 1958 Highland map) in about 1933. He married Darcus November 23, 1932, in the Salt Lake Temple-she was just 15. They had six children: Blaine, Dolan and Sharon were born in Idaho and Carolyn, Eileen and Diane were born after they moved to Highland.

Darcus had rheumatic fever as a teenager and had to leave high school because of her damaged heart. She died May 6, 1964, at 47.

Cora  LeGrande Adamson, Melba  Dave Strasburg, Maud  Clarence Greenland, Darcus  Leonard Hyde

Cora & Bishop Legrand Adamson, Melba & Dave Strasburg, Maud & Clarence Greenland, Darcus & Leonard Hyde

Leonard had served as Bishop in Conda, Idaho before moving to Highland and here he served as counselor to Bishop LeGrand Adamson from 1945 until 1953 and was well-loved by all who knew him. He died September 23, 1963.

15 Hyde, Robert

Home of Bob & Beth Hyde (Number 15 on the 1958 Highland map - 10682 N. 5800 W.)

Bob and Beth HydeRobert Ernest & Elizabeth Roundy Day Hyde

Robert was born September 8, 1916, in Wicks, Idaho to William Thomas Jr. and Emily Jessie Dear Hyde. Bob spent his early years in Salt Lake City then moved to Idaho for a few years then to Highland in 1933.

He served in the Army Engineer Corp. in the Pacific beginning in November, 1940. He farmed and worked as a mechanic for most of his life, including at Gene Harvey Chevrolet and at the Tooele Army Depot from which he retired in 1985.

He married Elizabeth Roundy Day, widow of Louis E. Day (q.v.) September 1, 1949 and they had two children: Debra and Loren Heber. Bob loved music and sang in the Ward Choir and in the American Fork Civic Choir. He was a High Priest in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and held may positions, including secretary for many years. He died January 8, 1998. Elizabeth died September 26, 1990.

3 Hyde, William, Charles Greenland Mr Belle Marble

William Thomas II & Emily Dear Hyde

William was born May 13, 1876, in Southampton, England to William Thomas and Jane Margaret Savage Hyde. When he was eight he began to learn the carpenter trade to help support his family. He was also active in sports and became a great bicycle racer.

Emily was born January 21, 1877, also in Southampton, to Charles William and Jessie Martha Rose Dear. Her father was a coal hauler, hauling bags of coal on his back, which caused him to break his back. Emily was the oldest and went to work as a maid to help support her family. 

They both joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in 1895 or 1896 and they were married September 7, 1897. They immigrated to Zion and settled in the Draper-Crescent area and one of their first actions was to be sealed in the Salt Lake Temple on October 13, 1898, just before their first child was born. They had eleven children: William Thomas III, Jessie, Charles, Leonard, Marguerite, Ethel, Arthur, Erwin and Erma (twins), Robert, and Orson. Four of their sons and all four of their daughters lived in Highland after marriage: William, Leonard, Erwin, Robert, Jessie (Tolman), Marguerite (Bunker), Ethel (Markham) and Erma (Roseman). Irwin, Robert and Orson served in the military during WWII and Orson died from injuries suffered in the South Pacific.

William Thomas Hyde family

After Draper-Crescent they moved to Idaho and then in 1933, moved to Highland where they lived in a number of places - Number 29, Number 25, Number 3 (on the 1958 Highland map). As a carpenter, Bill helped build many homes in Highland, including Number 11 and Number 88, where his daughter, Ethel, lived. They were always active in their Church-Bill as a teacher and Emily in the Relief Society.

Bill died in 1957, and Emily died October 12, 1954, and both are buried in the Salt Lake City Cemetery.

31 Hyde, Bill

Bill Hyde home (Number 31 on the 1958 Highland map - 11585 N. 6000 W.)

William Thomas III & Norma Marie Christensen Tucker Hyde

Bill was born October 23, 1898, in Draper to William Thomas Hyde Jr. and Emily Jessie Dear Hyde (q.v.), the oldest of eleven children. He married Jessie Hunter on March 23, 1921, and they adopted two children: Shirley and Ronald. Jessie was born December 11, 1896, in Glasgow, Scotland to James and Annie McFarlane Hunter. They moved to Highland (Number 31 on the 1958 Highland map) where Bill farmed. Jessie served as president of the Relief Society in 1940 with Vera Larson and Gertrude West as counselors and Ethel Markham as secretary. Jessie suffered a stroke and after a short while passed away March 27, 1953.

Norma was born April 17, 1905, in Spanish Fork, Utah to Christian J and Mary Christensen into a family of nine. She graduated from high school and Latter-day Saint Seminary in Spanish Fork. On January 19, 1937, she married Curtis Tucker and they had one son, Reed. Her marriage ended in 1939 and her husband died in July of 1947.

Norma was always active in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, serving in many positions: Secretary-treasurer of the Sunday School, Secretary of the Stake Sunday School, Secretary of the YWMIA, theology class teacher, visiting teacher, Counselor in the Primary and Assistant Ward Clerk, among others. In 1925 she was called to serve a mission in the Northern States and was there for 22 months.

In 1955 Bill met Norma and they were married February 1, 1956, in the Manti Temple.

Bill was a very outgoing individual and was involved, assisting Marie Greenland, in producing plays performed by the young people of the MIA. He loved to dance and would dance with anyone, any time, it seemed. He danced in the Gold and Green Ball floorshows well into his 60's. He also had a good singing voice and sang in the Ward Choir and in quartets, duets, etc. He was also the designated auctioneer whenever a ward function called for one.

When Bill and Norma married she moved into his home in Highland and Bill adopted her son. They served in many capacities in the Highland Ward. In 1967 they served a mission together to the London, England Temple. Bill passed away February 19, 1971, and after a few years, in 1976, Norma moved to American Fork. She served as a Temple worker in the Provo Temple for nine years and she passed away November 9, 1994.

Jesse HydeNorma and Bill  Hyde mission

Jessie Hyde (first wife); Norma (second wife) and Bill Hyde III (mission picture)

Source: HIGHLAND HISTORY: A compilation by Charles T Greenland II for the Highland Historical Society

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