James Jacob (Jake) & Elsie Edith Olive Nelson Phillips Sabey

The Sabeys arrived in Highland (Number 2 on the 1958 Highland map) about 1944 and stayed for three years or so, renting the home from Nephi Greenland. In early 1947 they were asked to move out so that he could rent the home to his brother, Clarence.

James Jacob SabeyJake was born April 11, 1898, in Lehi and he lived there for the first forty or more years of his life. His parents were John and Charlotte Amanda Bushman Sabey. Olive was born November 7 1905, in LaGrande, Oregon to Julius and Lillian Belle Warnstaff Nelson. Olive married William Leland Phillips September 28, 1925. They had two children: Betty and Leland, and William died January 3, 1929, at twenty-four years of age. Olive married Jake Sabey August 22, 1929, in McMinnville, Oregon. They had five children: Virginia Aleen, Duane, Lillie, James Marvin, and Eugene.

Jake died December 24, 1973, in McMinnville, Oregon and Olive died on her 74th birthday, November 7, 1979, in the Philippine Islands. They are buried in the Green Crest Memorial Park in Sheridan, Oregon. (Ed note: The Sabeys were my first contact with non-Latter-day Saint friends. Marvin, Eugene and I played together a lot and I was very sad when they moved away - they were asked to move so that we could move into the home they were renting.)
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Source: HIGHLAND HISTORY: A compilation by Charles T Greenland II for the Highland Historical Society

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