Roy Shinichi & Sadayo "Sadie" Isaki Kanno

Roy and Sadie came to Highland about 1952 and stayed for several years farming Number 58 (on the 1958 Highland map). His younger (5 years) brother Takeshi "Ted" lived with them. Roy was born September 17, 1919, in Idaho, to Shinji and Tamayo Kanno. He enlisted in the Army October 11, 1944, and was discharged October 10, 1946. He married Sadie November 20, 1948. Sadie was born September 17, 1924, in Chester, Utah to Nobukichi and Mine Homura Isaki. They had three children: Roy S. Jr, Carol Ann, and Mike. Records show Church activity in 1959 - 1960. They moved to Lindon, Utah where they lived the remainder of their lives. Roy died October 29, 1998, in American Fork, Sadie died September 4, 2012, and they are buried in the American Fork City Cemetery.

Sadie Kanno

Ted KannoI couldn't find much information about Ted. He was born February 28, 1925, in Kaysville and in 1943 was living with his mother when he registered for the draft. He served in the Army from March 8, 1945, to January 23, 1947. (Editor's Note: I saw Ted circa 2010 in a grocery store in American Fork. He looked very healthy and said he was spending a lot of time working in the Timpanogos Temple. In 2018 he attended the funeral of Sylvan Buhler - see picture).

Source: HIGHLAND HISTORY: A compilation by Charles T Greenland II for the Highland Historical Society

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