George Marshall & Myrtle Annette Gill Webb

George was born in Lehi, Utah on August 22, 1899, to George Grace and Elizabeth Gray Webb. Myrtle was born December 3, 1899, to Joseph J. and Henrietta Gill, also in Lehi. George and Myrtle were married September 10, 1919, and the census records show that they lived in Lehi for the large majority of their lives - living in Highland only briefly. They had five children: Marjorie, Lexie Annette, Maxine, Marshall Junior, and Stanley.

When George registered for the WWII draft in May, 1943, he was living in Lehi and working for the WPA.
George died March 13, 1969, in American Fork. Myrtle married Archie Richard Schow on February 2, 1970. She passed away August 14, 1990, in American Fork and is buried beside George in the Lehi City Cemetery.

Samuel B. & Mary Caroline Hill Webb

Samuel Webb played banjo in a band with John Thomas Gordon (see Charles Parker), Will Kirkham, Stanley Clark and Eva Carson.  Sam probably never lived in Highland but lived in northeast Lehi, on Cedar Hollow Road.   (per Cora Adamson, Sam lived in the East Creek, along the American Fork Creek bed, near the railroad tracks that went up the canyon for the mines). Born November 8, 1872 in Salt Lake City, to Charles Marles and Hannah A. Wilbert Webb.  Married Mary Caroline Hill, born February 12, 1887 in Lehi, to William Lawrence and Leah Peterson Hill, on August 15, 1903.  They had six daughters: Ella Mary, Viva Eudora, Thelma Caroline, Arlene Leah, Estella Hannah and Edna Naomi.  

Sam died January 17, 1959 and Mary died February 3, 1970 and both are buried in the Lehi City Cemetery.

Source: HIGHLAND HISTORY: A compilation by Charles T Greenland II for the Highland Historical Society

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