Lower power plant

Lower Power Plant

Louis E. O. & Rosamond Palmer Maxfield

E. O., as he was called, was born April 11, 1898, in Spring City, Utah to Louis Bedeque and Emma Artimissia Butler. He served a mission to the North-Western States 1919 - 1921. Rosamond was born April 27, 1904, in West Jordan, Utah to Joseph Fred and Birdie Lucene Beckstead Palmer. They were married September 12, 1923, in the Salt Lake Temple. They had six children: Gerald, Calvin, Clark, Rodney, GeNeal, and Cheryl.

Rodney, Roasamond, and JeNeal Maxfield, Glenna and Herman Buhler, LeGrand Adamson, E.O. Maxfield

Rodney, Roasamond, and JeNeal Maxfield, Glenna Buhler, JeNeal Maxfield, Herman Buhler, LeGrand Adamson, E.O. Maxfield

Calvin L MaxfieldSon Calvin L. Maxfield

E. O. worked and they lived at the lower power plant in American Fork Canyon (Number 68 on the 1958 Highland map). It is not known exactly what time period they lived here but two children were born in American Fork in 1935 and 1940 and he was in the  bishopric for six years beginning January 20, 1935, and was in the Stake High Council for two years after that.

He was 2nd Counselor to Bishop Harry Jerling and later a Stake High Councilman. Rosamond worked in the Primary as teacher and organist, was a counselor to June Sargent and MIA organist, was counselor to Jessie Hyde in the Relief Society and was assistant Ward Organist to Velma Jerling.

After leaving Highland they serve five short-term missions together and E O. served as Mayor of South Jordan. Rosamond passed away September 12, 1992, in Bountiful and E O. followed on October 6, 1994, in Provo. They are buried in the South Jordan Cemetery.

Source: HIGHLAND HISTORY: A compilation by Charles T Greenland II for the Highland Historical Society

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