James & Lovinia Helen Lefler Potts Lewis

A 1930 entry on the Highland census, the Lewis family story is a bit complicated. James was born November 18, 1871, in Salt Lake City to James and Ellen Jane Thayne Lewis. On January 26, 1892, he married Annie Duncan, born August 3, 1871, a daughter of Peter and Annie McNiel Duncan, and 9 months later, on October 28, she passed away. Lovinia was born October 11, 1865, in Trena, Iowa to Ebenezer and Julia Frances Hensley Lefler. In 1882 she married Thomas Henry Potts who was born September 18, 1862, in Sweetwater, Wyoming. They had five children: Julia Ellen, Thomas Alfred, Blanche Josephine, Flora Belle, and Lavina Isabell. Their youngest was born August 28, 1894, and died the next day, and two days later, on August 31, the father, Thomas died.
James and Lovinia were married November 23, 1899, and lived in Woodland and Kamas until the 1930 census, when they were in Highland (Number 83). They had five children: Reuben James, Eva Jane, Mina Ellen, William Everett, and Donal E By 1930 Mina had married Bliss Lockwood (q.v.) and they had two children who were listed with Mina as living with the Lewis family. Their oldest son, Reuben was also living with them with his wife, Rita and three children: Donna, Kenneth J, and Dean R. James died November 21, 1950, in American Fork; Lovinia died July 14, 1952, and they are buried in the American Fork City Cemetery.

Reuben James & Rita Victoria Petersen Lewis

Reuben was born September 10, 1900, to James and Lovinia Helen Lefler Potts Lewis (q.v.). Rita was born May 24, 1905, to Joseph M. and Mary Jane Haefeli Petersen. They were married September 20, 1922, in Millard, Utah and were living in Highland in 1930 with his parents at Number 83. Later they moved in with his sister Mina Lockwood (q.v.) at Number 40. In 1935 they were living in Alpine and in 1940 they were in American Fork and Reuben was working for the WPA. They had four children: Donna, Kenneth Joseph, Dean R, and Karl V.

Reuben died before his 44th birthday, on July 15, 1944. Rita later married Charles Eren Zufelt. Rita died February 1, 2001, in American Fork.

Source: HIGHLAND HISTORY: A compilation by Charles T Greenland II for the Highland Historical Society

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