Black and white side view of Home of Paul and Marcelene Gauger

Black and white Home of Paul and Marcelene Gauger

Home of Paul and Marcelene Gauger

Home of Paul and Marcelene Gauger (c. 1950 to 1955) (Number 67 on the 1958 Highland map - 4600 W. 11000 N.) 

Paul George & Marcelene Bennett Davis Gauger

Paul was another man who came from out of state to work at Geneva Steel. His company recruited him from Iowa to be a foreman on the project in the late 1940s. He was born January 29, 1911, in New Hampton, Iowa, one of two sons born to Herman August and Minnie Koehler Gauger. He was schooled locally and graduated with training courses in Supervisory Training.

In 1948 he met Marcelene who was divorced from Dewain Davis and had three children: Dix, Brent and Julie. She was born July 16, 1917, in Provo, Utah to John Bell and Mary Elizabeth Hustler Bennett, in a family with five brothers. They were married June 23, 1948, and sealed in the Salt Lake Temple July 1, 1964. Paul was very happy to be father to Marcelene's children and they added three more to the family: Pauline, Dennis and Linda.

Paul Gauger

They moved to Highland (Number 67 on the 1958 Highland map - 4600 W. 11000 N.) in about 1950 and farmed 5 acres. When he was promoted to general foreman at Geneva, there was too much involvement with work and he couldn't handle the farm so they moved to American Fork about 1955.

Paul was active in the YMMIA, teaching the M-Men and Gleaners with Beth Hyde. Marcelene worked in the YWMIA, Sunday School and the Primary and was active in PTA as well. She loved quilting and made many quilts for her family members. Paul had health issues so had to take an early retirement and while visiting a daughter in Washington he died of heart failure on December 21, 1978. Marcelene passed away March 4, 1990.

Source: HIGHLAND HISTORY: A compilation by Charles T Greenland II for the Highland Historical Society

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