Special Events

Banned Books

Banned Books Week

September 27-October 3

Celebrate the freedom to read by checking out a BANNED BOOK.

Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month

Come check out items that relate to this fun celebration.

 The celebration is about Americans who immigrated or whose ancestors came from Spain, the Caribbean, or Central or South America.

Poetry Contest Winners

We are pleased to announce the winners of the 2020 Highland City Library Poetry Competition.


1st Place

A Sunny Spot by Julie Cornelius-Huang

2nd Place

Turtle Collection by Abigail Cox

3rd Place

Blue Blossoms by Mary Favro


1st Place

My Story by Hannah Lyons

Click on the tabs below to see their wonderful poems!

  1. A Sunny Spot
  2. Turtle Collection
  3. Blue Blossoms
  4. My Story

A Sunny Spot

By Julie Cornelius-Huang

I have a sunny spot
In my kitchen.
When I bathe myself in the lemon yellow light
Which settles there
My skin becomes hot and tight.
I see red inside my eyelids.
And for a short time
All of my worries evaporate.
Complete lightness.

Picture of a kitchen windowImage by Leandro De Carvalho from Pixabay