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  1. Doug Cortney
  2. Timothy A Ball
  3. Brittney P Bills
  4. Kim Rodela
  5. Kenneth S Knapton III

Doug Cortney

Doug Cortney

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My name is Doug Cortney. I hope to serve Highland as a member of the City Council.

Highland faces significant challenges in the coming years, mostly related to the budget. We have two choices. Come together and overcome these challenges or let them tear us apart.

We can't afford to tear our community apart. We need to elect City Council members who will bring us together.

I am currently a member of the Library Board, and I volunteer with the Highland Fling and with the Beautification committee. I have attended City Council meetings for the last year. I have worked with many of you on land use or other issues before the Council. As a director of software development, my job has been bringing people together to solve problems. Let me do so for Highland.

I support:

  • Budgeting for future needs
  •  Solving the Open Space Fee issue
  •  Maintaining the character of Highland
  •  Honestly listening to the concerns of residents

I know that we won't always agree. When we disagree, you'll have an honest opportunity to change my mind.

My name is Doug Cortney, and I ask you to trust me with your vote.

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