Library Impact Stories

Libraries have the power to change lives.  Following are stories of real Highland City Library patrons and how the Library has impacted their lives.

  1. The Murdock Family
  2. The Craig Family
  3. Lowell Nelson
  4. Diana Elder
  5. Jacqueline Roettger

Marci Picture

Highland Library Family of the Year

The Aaron and Marci Murdock family have been chosen as the “Highland City Library Patrons for 2020,” and according to Donna Cardon, Highland City library director, a better choice could not have been made.  “They are regular library patrons,” Donna wrote in her announcement, “and have checked out over 1800 items.”      

For the Murdocks, the library has always been a way to help their children love reading.  In fact, Marci began taking her children, Rex (8) Marshall (5) and Claire (2) to the library when Rex was 1.  Since then, the Highland City Library has become something of a “family affair” where the librarians and staff workers greet them by name.        

“I like the family feel of the library,” says Marci.  “There’s a niche for everybody.”

This certainly is true for Marci and her family.  They not only check out a lot of books, but they make good use of the library’s many programs as well. The children attend Story Time, Baby Bookworms, the Junior Explorers’ Club and participate in the summer reading program.  They play with puppets, decorate coloring pages provided by the library, try on dress-ups and enjoy the magnetic board in the children’s area where Claire is learning to spell her name.    

And that’s not all.  Rex is old enough to enjoy the coding classes and brings his father, Aaron, to those.  The family also make crafts, attend the Reading with the Mayor event at Christmas and one spring, Marci took a gardening class.  She is already looking forward to joining the parent/child book club when Rex is a little older. And while Aaron still prefers holding a book to read, he is starting to enjoy using ebooks as well.  

Of course one of the best parts of any library is the books on the shelves, and the Murdocks look forward to checking books out to take home.  “We read about a half an hour after school,” Marci says, “then another half an hour before bed.”

Right now, Rex loves the Magic Tree House book series and reads about one a week while Marshall is into superheroes and Claire likes anything.  Marci decided that her children could get their own library cards between kindergarten and first grade so now Rex checks out his own books using his own library card which he keeps on a lanyard to hang around his neck. Marshall is in the 1000 Books Before Kindergarten program where for every 100 books he reads, he gets a prize at the library and a new reading chart to track his progress.  He is well on his way to accomplishing his goal. 

Marci says that as a young girl growing up in Phoenix, Arizona, she wasn’t much of a reader, but she and Aaron are well on their way to giving the gift of reading to their children.  And with a little help from the Highland City Library, it will be a gift that lasts a lifetime.   

Libraries give the gift of reading