Library Impact Stories

Libraries have the power to change lives.  Following are stories of real Highland City Library patrons and how the Library has impacted their lives.

  1. The Johnson Family
  2. The Murdock Family
  3. The Craig Family
  4. Lowell Nelson
  5. Diana Elder
  6. Jacqueline Roettger

Picture of family for Alpine City family of the year for Highland Library

Alpine Family of the Year for Highland Library

The Johnson family moved to Alpine about ten years ago, and they began visiting the library soon after. This last year they checked out more than 1500 items.

Blake and Suzy started coming to the library after their first daughter, June, age 11, was born. Even as an infant, June loved books, and her parents spent a lot of time reading to her. Milo, age 9, Bess, age 5, and Nils, age 3, have come to the Highland City Library their whole lives. The family loves the summer reading program, and they are always eager to see what the next theme will be. All the children have enjoyed story time over the years, and the older children love the STEM activities they have attended.

The Johnson kids have read lots of books, and they could almost be librarians themselves. They recommend Wonder, Hatchet, The Penderwicks, the Harry Potter books, the Percy Jackson series, Lord of the Rings, Little House on the Prairie, and Junior Genius Guides.

The parents enjoy the library as much as the kids. Suzy says, "We love that the library is a place to go that all can agree on. It’s always a peaceful environment  I love that it’s a place that I can say ’yes’ to almost anything my kids want." She and Blake like to browse the new books section and always come away with something good to read. They appreciate the warmth, friendship, and advice of the librarians.

The Johnsons come to the library every week. They find it awesome to have an influx of new reading material come into their home each week, especially during this time of isolation. Besides Finding new books to read, they can also pick up some magazines, and even a cookbook with a new recipe to try. 

The library helps keep the world open to them and other patrons