Library Impact Stories

Libraries have the power to change lives.  Following are stories of real Highland City Library patrons and how the Library has impacted their lives.

  1. The Wadsworth Family
  2. The Bushman Family
  3. The Rees Family
  4. Jenifer and Sarah
  5. The Johnson Family
  6. The Murdock Family
  7. The Craig Family
  8. Lowell Nelson
  9. Diana Elder
  10. Jacqueline Roettger

Highland City Library's Alpine City Patrons of the Year 2021

Parents and three children in front of a houseAt Home at the Library

“They literally fill an entire wagon full of books every time they come to the library.”  

This is how Donna Cardon, Highland City's library director describes the Talin and Jennifer Wadsworth family on their selection as the Alpine City library patrons of the year for 2021.  For Talin and Jennifer and their three children; Ezra age 12, June age 7 and Greta age 4, the community library has always been a vital part of their family life no matter where they have lived.

“We have moved multiple times,” Jennifer explains, “usually during the summer, and jumping into library programs in our new city has always helped us feel grounded and safe in those first few chaotic months.”  

Such was the case when the family moved to Alpine from the Bay Area two years ago after Talin took a job as the principal designer for Adobe.  As in previous moves, within a week of relocating they looked for and found the local library.  

“We were surprised to learn that Alpine didn't have its own library,” Jennifer says, “but all of our new neighbors encouraged us to check out the Highland City Library.  I'm so glad we did!”

She says the library is much smaller than others they have used but they soon discovered the “charm and benefits of a cozy library.”  They also discovered that the library's many programs and activities made them feel accepted and involved.  They particularly loved and continue to enjoy the summer reading program, story time, Junior Explorers, and the tween time activities.  Talin and Jennifer also recommend the parent/child book club, not only for the books they read together but for the amazing discussions they have in the group with Miss Donna.  Jennifer says her son was thrilled when Donna actually used one of his recommended books in the book club.  “It's also been an amazing way to stay connected with our middle schooler,” she adds.   

Having a smaller library also helps her children easily find books from their long list of favorite books and Talin and Jennifer can always find something exciting to read without being overwhelmed.  They visit the library at least once a week and sometimes more for activities and available programs.  It's the perfect way to keep their wagon full of books and keep them all involved in the community.   

With so much to appreciate, Jennifer believes that one of the very best things about the Highland City Library is its amazing staff.  The staff knows each of them by name and they often joke together about how many books they are checking out.  “From that very first day of signing up for a library card to today, we have felt welcomed, included and best of all, known! They are always ready to help us and greet us with a smile.”   

For this busy family who also enjoys hiking, traveling, watching movies, singing and dancing along with exploring the world around them, the library remains a vital part of their family life.  When asked what one word would describe for them the Highland City Library, it was simply, home.  

And for the Wadsworths, home is a wonderful place to be.  

The Library feels like home for hundreds of our Highland, Alpine and Cedar Hills neighbors.