Library Impact Stories

Libraries have the power to change lives.  Following are stories of real Highland City Library patrons and how the Library has impacted their lives.

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The holt family

Cedar Hills Library Patrons of the Year 2022

The Friends of the Highland City Library are happy to announce that the Ryan and Diana Holt family has been chosen as the “Cedar Hills Library Patrons of the Year for 2022.” When the Holt family first began visiting the library not long after they moved to Cedar Hills, they were a bit disappointed at the size because their previous library had been huge. Soon, however, they began to love the quaint and more personal feel of the Highland Library. They were very excited when the library got its own children’s room.

The Holt kids have been learning to love libraries since they were tiny. Ella (13), Audrey (11), Brooklyn (11), Davis (9), Hallie (6), and Hannah (4) have all come to story times over the years. They would often stop after gymnastics to gather a new bag of books, usually including a new Berenstain Bear book. They enjoyed finding the Elf on the Shelf and Larry the Leprechaun. The Holts have also participated in many summer reading programs, coming weekly, and then heading over to the splash pad.

The three older girls, Ella, Audrey, and Brooklyn, have developed a love for reading over the years. They love Harry Potter, Keeper of the Lost Cities, Lunar Chronicles, the False Prince, and many others. At first they weren’t too excited about reading themselves but preferred being read to in the evenings. Before long, they learned to love the stories, got better at reading, and became avid readers themselves. Davis loves sports books, Dog Man, and graphic novels. Hallie and Hannah like picture books and beginner chapter books like Princess in Black.

The Holts can frequently be seen at the library. Last year they really used the library because they decided to homeschool for the year 2020-2021. It was a weekly highlight to get out of the house every Wednesday and pick out new books for the week. The younger girls loved to check out the themed bags, the older girls headed straight for the intermediate fiction section, and Davis found graphic novels. The library proved to be invaluable during the homeschool year.

Diana often needs to go no farther than the “new” shelves near the entrance to the library. As her life gets busier, she also loves audio books. She often uses the Libby app to access books. She says, “My holds list on there is usually full, and I love having access to so many books!” Ryan is now listening to audio books, too. The older girls have persuaded him to listen to the Harry Potter books, and he is now enjoying the third book in the series

The Holts appreciate the help of the librarians. They especially enjoyed seeing Jill Powell from their neighborhood. She was a great help to them during their homeschool year. And the librarians appreciate the Holts. Jill says, “Years ago Diana Holt tutored my oldest son in math when he attended Cedar Ridge Elementary. It has been fun to stay in touch with her and watch her family grow over the years as she has come into the Highland Library.” The library staff admires the family’s love of reading. Their enthusiastic appreciation of the library is contagious. They inspire others to share what library has to offer.