Library Impact Stories

Libraries have the power to change lives.  Following are stories of real Highland City Library patrons and how the Library has impacted their lives.

  1. The Rees Family
  2. Jenifer and Sarah
  3. The Bushman Family
  4. The Johnson Family
  5. The Murdock Family
  6. The Craig Family
  7. Lowell Nelson
  8. Diana Elder
  9. Jacqueline Roettger

A happy looking family on a summer day

The Cedar Hills Library Patrons of the Year, The Rees Family!

The Friends of the Highland City Library would like to honor Joleen and Jake Rees and family as the “Cedar Hills Library Patrons of the Year for 2021” in recognition of the family’s exceptional support of the Highland City Library and its materials and programs. The Rees family has checked out more than 3200 items since they began coming to the library. They will be honored during the upcoming Cedar Hills Family Festival.

When Joleen and Jake Rees, both avid readers, moved to Cedar Hills six- and-a-half years ago, their oldest son, Derrek was just a toddler. It didn’t take them long to find the Highland City Library, and they have been coming ever since, usually about once a week.

Now Derrek, age 7, McKenna, age 6, and Addilyn, age 4, are faithful library patrons. Over the years they have attended story times and the Jr. Explorers Club. They try to participate in the summer reading program every year. The children have many favorite books. Derrek likes the Notebook of Doom series, the Last Firehawk series, and The Dragon Master series. McKenna loves the Elephant and Piggie books and Mo Willem’s Pigeon books. Addilyn loves lift-the-flap books and will often look through a chapter book as though she’s actually reading it.

Joleen and Jake can often be found with a book in hand. Joleen likes historical fiction, biographies, and Young Adult and intermediate fiction. Jake, who teaches English at Lone Peak High School, reads just about everything. He enjoys nonfiction in his free time.

The family enjoys many activities together. They love hiking, baseball, working and playing outside, and going on small family trips. Of course, they love reading together. Right now they’re reading The Magician’s Nephew, the first of the Chronicles of Narnia books.

The Rees family always manages to find fun and educational material at the library. They enjoy the discovery kits and the wide selection of books. They usually find a video or two to check out as well. They are grateful for help and kindness from the library staff. The staff also appreciates them. Juliawna Killpack says, “Joleen and her kids are a fun addition to our Jr. Explorer Club group of regular attendees this year. They rarely miss a week and are always excited about learning and making something new. Joleen seems to enjoy making the crafts with her kids just as much as her kids like making the actual crafts themselves.”

The family has enjoyed watching the library expand. They remember the days when the children’s section was tucked away in a corner, and they love the children’s room now with the space to read and play.  Joleen says, “My children and I feel comfortable at the library and love to be there.”

 The Library is where great families go for fun!