Junior Explorers: ages 5-8

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  2. BIRDS
  3. St Patrick's Day & Ireland



Click this link to learn about the water cycle.

For a rain-cloud-in-a-jar science experiment, choose one of these links. Materials include a jar, water, food coloring, and shaving cream OR sponge

"Rain", a poem by Shel Silverstein, can be found with this link.

To listen to The Rainy Day, a book by Anna Milbourne and Sarah Gill, click this link.

One Rainy Day is a book by M. Christina Butler about a hedgehog in the rain. To have it read aloud, click here.

The Rain Came Down, by David Shannon, can be heard by clicking here.

This less on helps meet State Core Standards 

Kindergarten, 3

1st Grade, 2

2nd Grade, 4

3rd Grade, 5.1

4th Grade, 2