2021 Road Projects

Highland City is improving the roads in the several neighborhoods throughout the city this year (see map below).  For a larger map, click on the image or see the 2021 Road Treatments Map.

Map showing road project areas

Of the 2021 road projects, the following streets are undergoing full depth rotomilling: Timberline and Wildflower Lane, 11250 North, 10830N/ 6200W/ 6150 W, Canterbury Way/ 6750 W/ 10300 N, 6800 West (Potential Addition), Diamond Lane/ 9680 N, and Canal Boulevard (9700 N) (Potential Addition). This work involves the removal of existing asphalt and placement of new asphalt. For more information on the rotomilling projects including schedule and expected impacts, visit https://www.highlandroadways2021.com/.