Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan

In order for a building permit to be issued you must first obtain SWPPP Approval

What you will need to submit for SWPPP Approval:

  1. SWPPP Document - Templates available here
    1. Use CGP template for all sites except for a single house lot.
    2. Use CPP (Common Plan Template) formally CPoD for a single residential lot
  2. Highland Land Disturbance Permit- required for all sites. Available here.
  3. NOI Stormwater Permit- You must obtain an NOI from the State of Utah by clicking here.
  4. Submit documents to Mitch Hilburn

Once these documents have been submitted they will be reviewed. If everything looks good to SWPPP Approval eamil will be sent out to you and the building department. If anything is missing you will be notified to correct it. The building department will not release the building permit until the SWPPP is approved.

If you need the templates emailed to you or if you have any questions about the process, please don’t heistate to contact the Highland City SWPPP Inspector.


Mitch Hilburn

Highland City SWPPP Inspector