Business License Renewals

Renewing a Business License

Business Licenses are issued on an annual basis after initial business license application has been approved and issued by Highland City.  The license period runs July 1 - June 30 annually.  Actively licensed businesses will receive a renewal notice no less than 30 days before July 1.  Through the renewal process:

     1. Confirm business information is accurate and still in compliance with city ordinances.  
     2. Complete annual fire inspection if required to operate the business. 
          -Please be sure to contact Lone Peak Fire District to schedule an appointment by calling (801) 763-5365.  
          -To ensure this process goes smoothly, please complete a self-inspection ahead of time to prepare.  
          -Record of a passed fire inspection is required with the renewal application.
     3. Update any missing or new information.  
          -If ownership of the business has changed, a new business license application will need to be completed.
     4. Provide notice that the business is no longer operating and the license needs to be closed.  
          -This is important information as it may impact taxes assessed by the county and state to the business.

Online Renewal
Online business license renewal can be completed here.  Please be sure to enter your license number, update any and all information that may need to be corrected, upload record of passed fire inspection (if required for the business), and make payment as indicated on your renewal notice.  

Special Notes
Any business that does not renew before July 1 each year will be subject to penalty fees after August 1.  
Any business that is found not to be in compliance with city ordinances governing business licenses may be denied license.
Please see Highland City Municipal Code for additional information.

Apply for a Business License
If you have not yet been issued a business license, you will need to first apply for a business license.

Printed License Requests
If your business has been approved, and you only need a printed license, please email the business licensing official with your request.  
There is a $10 administrative fee to print (for exempt licenses) or to re-print any business licenses.  
We do NOT offer electronic-copies of the license, only hard-copies as the license is printed on special paper.