Poetry Month Competition Winners

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  4. Adult Honor-able Mention
  5. Teen 1st place
  6. Children 1st place
  7. Children 2nd place

Ode to a pandemic

- Steven Foote

I've never known

  a winter not to end,

The sun to set

  and not to rise again.

The tide goes out;

  the tide will come back in.

The grasses die

  but life remains within.

June will come

  With summer's joyful burn.

More than its heat

  I joy in its return.

It is the wand'rer,

  aimless in the night,

Who feels the need

  and learns to love the light.

There is in me

  a hope I can't deny:

If sun or Son should rise

  then so will I.

A spring morning in the countryImage by Tommy Rau from Pixabay