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  1. Vote Election Day
  2. Bar Chart Showing Water Bills in Utah County Cities

    Utility Rate Study and Culinary Water Increase

    The City Council has been updating the City’s Master and Maintenance Plans for our utility systems. These updates ensure that the City’s systems are maintained and upgraded appropriately so that services continue to run smoothly for residents. Read on...
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    City Council Brief 05-04-2021

    View a brief on the most recent City Council Meeting Read on...
  4. Open Space

    Open Space and Orphan Property Disposal

    The Council is reviewing requests for disposable open space parcels for 30 days! Read on...
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    Planning Commission Brief

    View a brief on the most recent Planning Commission Meeting Read on...
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    Stay Connected!

    Get notifications about local events, emergencies, news and more. Read on...
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  9. Screenshot of Referendum Application Document

    Referendum of the Wimbleton Subdivision Open Space Disposal and Removal of Neighborhood Option Trail

    On December 3, 2019, City Council approved the Open Space Disposal and Removal of Neighborhood Trails in the Wimbleton Subdivision. Read on...